I’m driven to make our city a place where everyone knows they belong. I’m a longtime community builder, leading efforts to bring people together and take positive action for health and the planet. I have dedicated my life to making our community a better place.

Community Clean Up

I get involved and bring others with me 

● As president of the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association, I led efforts to increase renter involvement so that — for the first time ever — we had majority renter representation on the board, mirroring our neighborhood’s demographics.
● I organized the neighborhood association’s first Environmental Committee project — a community clean-up that continues to draw neighbors annually — and after identifying a gap in existing City services, grew the committee’s work to include a multi-neighborhood composting program for renters unable to access the City’s organics recycling service.
● I am leading a community-driven project to build a climate-friendly strawbale home, a project made possible by the hands-on involvement of neighbors, that requires challenging existing city regulations in order to set new precedents that can support a more resilient future.

I’m ready to hit the ground running

● I am deeply familiar with how the City works, having served multiple terms on key advisory bodies. 
● I have served on the City’s Capital Long Range Improvement Committee since 2015, doing the difficult and critical work of evaluating and prioritizing over 100 City infrastructure projects involving streets, fire stations, and parks. 
● With my in-depth knowledge of energy efficiency, I was embedded in the City’s Sustainability Office for five years, providing crucial technical assistance and support in implementing the Minneapolis Climate Action Plan.

Organics Recycling Program Compost Sale

Minneapolis Solar Coop promotion.

I live my values, and always strive to do more

● As a rental property owner, I participated in Stable Homes Stable Schools, a program that provides housing stability for families in need.
● My household has taken climate action by making energy efficiency improvements and installing solar panels to reduce our home’s greenhouse gas emissions by 79%.
● I have empowered my neighbors to shrink their carbon footprints by co-creating the Minneapolis Solar Coop, helping 17 households to install solar panels at a reduced cost.
● To support a healthy and diverse local economy, I source 95% of what my family needs from within Minneapolis boundaries, prioritizing small businesses.

I listen for areas of inequity and need — then take concrete action to make them better.

● As part of an advisory committee for a Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board master planning process, I listened to input from park users at Clinton Field, Bryant Square Park, and others to understand their hopes and dreams for our neighborhood parks. 
● Mueller Park’s history of a half vs full court basketball was contentious. To bring neighbors together around the community benefits of such activities, I hosted Uptown’s first 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. This work resulted in a plan that will bring back full court basketball to Mueller Park while maintaining all existing trees.

Mueller Park 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament.

Peter and me after an October 2020 snowstorm.

My partner and I live in a triplex on the Bryant Bicycle Boulevard, managing our home along with another duplex in the neighborhood. We take pride in constantly investing in and enhancing the energy efficiency of our home. For my day job, I currently work for a Minneapolis-based non-profit focused on developing and implementing community-based energy efficiency programs and policies.