YOU have the power!

The 2021 caucus and convention are here! You can participate in the virtual caucus and convention process to decide who the DFL endorses in the Ward 10 City Council race.

In a ward where 95% of voters vote for a Democratic candidate, the DFL endorsement holds a lot of weight with Ward 10 voters come November.

You Can Sign-Up to Caucus for Katie TODAY!

Caucus today at:


After visiting this website, you will be led to an online form. This form takes only 5-minutes to fill out! In it, you can rank your choices of subcaucus for both the Ward 10 and city conventions. You can fill both sections out!

While signing up to caucus for Katie, you will become a part of Katie’s “subcaucus”. Beyond that, you can choose to become a delegate for Katie. We strongly encourage you to sign up to become a delegate. Becoming a delegate will ensure you get to participate in the final endorsement process. Learn more about this process below.

Once filling out this form, the DFL will send you a postcard with a code on it. You will then go on the website listed and put in the code and… VOILA! You’re registered. Make sure you respond to this communication to finalize your caucus registration!

Then what?

After you sign-up to caucus for Katie, we will help you through every step in the process. Stay tuned for communications from Katie for Ward 10 to make sure you have the tools needed to be a delegate for Katie at the convention.

Mark your calendar!

April 1-30: Sign up to Caucus

Caucus sign-up lasts until the end of April. On April 27, there will be a virtual caucus event. This event is not required to attend to sign-up to caucus.

May 12-May 18: Caucus Balloting

Everyone who signed up to caucus will get their ballots either by email or by text. Then, you’ll have 7 days to submit your ballot.

The essential function of the caucus is to choose who will become a delegate at the convention. The number of caucus-goers supporting each candidate determines how many delegates that candidate will send to the convention. It’s just as easy to be a delegate as it is to caucus, and that’s where the real power lies.

June 2-June 8: Convention Balloting

This is when you’ll submit your ballot for the convention. There will be a Ward 10 virtual convention the weekend of June 5-6, but like the virtual caucus, this event is optional for delegates.

Convention ballots will use a Ranked-Choice Voting system. You will be able to rank your choices of candidates or “no endorsement.” Each “round” will have a support threshold to advance to the next round. If a candidate does not meet that threshold, their votes will go to their second option. If Katie reaches 60% support after all rounds, she will win the endorsement!

You can also read more about the process on the DFL website.