Co-creating Solutions and Elevating the Voices of Ward 10

Democracy, at its core, is a shared responsibility and opportunity. I will be responsive and accountable to my neighbors, learn from you, and seek to achieve a shared vision for Ward 10. I will work to bring Ward 10 residents into City processes by breaking down barriers, ensuring our community is well-represented on city boards and commissions, and informing decisions at City Hall. Elevating the voices of Ward 10 community members means making room for everyone in City processes. With you, I will pursue every opportunity to make Ward 10 even better in the future. Let’s harness a strong network of changemakers within Ward 10 and work in close partnership with City, County, and State officials to meet our community’s needs.

Evidence as Our Guide

A well-functioning government is accessible and accountable, open to all. As an engineer, I will back up my policy vision with evidence from community-led and scientific research. Let’s quickly and thoughtfully pilot solutions, have discussions about what works, and bring everyone along in the process as we iterate to reach our goals. Combined with robust community engagement, a data-driven approach to policy making ensures we’ll get the best outcomes — ones we’ll see sooner, are viewed with legitimacy, and will be more durable over time.

Expanding What’s Possible

For too long, we’ve relied on one-size-fits-all solutions that leave people behind. Our existing systems have produced significant disparities. It’s time to challenge ourselves to understand the unique needs of our neighbors and develop the right tools to address each issue. Community-supported innovation will enable us to build a better future. I’m inspired by all the ways I see Ward 10 show up — to meet the needs of our unhoused neighbors, to develop mutual care neworks, and to reduce our climate impact. I will bring this energy to City Hall, where I’ll lead alongside community members who are already driving change.