Our neighbors from across Ward 10 have voiced their support for Katie. Read their testimonials below for a first-hand account of Katie as a person, advocate, community builder, and experienced solutions finder for Minneapolis. If you’d like to get involved, please donate or join our team as a volunteer!

Lisa Bender

Minneapolis City Council President & Current Ward 10 Councilmember

I’m excited to support Katie Jones for Ward 10 City Council because I know she has the experience and progressive vision to make Minneapolis more equitable, better connected and climate resilient.

Katie is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and dig into the details of a problem or project. She is a true consensus builder who is ready to tackle our city’s biggest challenges.

Jono Cowgill

Current Minneapolis Park Board President & District 4 Park Board Member

I am so proud to endorse Katie Jones to be our next Ward 10 Council member. In my time in local government I have witnessed no community member as committed and as positive as Katie. This is a critical time in our city’s history and we need a council member who knows how to navigate the bureaucracy of City Hall to implement meaningful change.

She is responsive, curious to understand the perspective of all voices, and grounded in progressive values. Katie is the candidate in this race who has demonstrated the ability to work within the city structure to. pass progressive policy, and she is the candidate I trust to hit the ground running in 2022.

John Edwards

Creator of Local News Site WedgeLive.com

Katie is my neighbor in the Wedge, who shows up for issues big and small at neighborhood meetings, at city council public hearings, and as part of her service on advisory committees for parks and city infrastructure (yes, I have watched her get heckled). Do you know who takes more time to attend public meetings than I have over these many years? Katie Jones.

She has proven herself to me over and over again. She never fails to show up. She cares deeply about our community. She’s the kind of person who works herself to exhaustion and still picks up the slack when others falter. She shares my values and hopes for Minneapolis. I don’t say this lightly: she’s intellectually relentless, methodical, focused, and exactly the person I trust to attack a complicated problem.

Kari Johnson

Community Development Advocate

I’m proud to support Katie as someone that has seen Katie work hard to find ways to make our community a better place for everyone.

As a community development advocate, I trust that Katie will listen, learn and gain insight from all stakeholders, especially those that have traditionally been left out of discussions.

I know Katie will work hard to find solutions to some of our City’s most complex issues, like our affordable housing shortage and I hope you will join me in supporting her.

Frank Brown

Owner of MinuteMan Press in the Wedge

I support Katie because of her progressive values and her gumption. Most importantly, she listens. She’s open to hearing multiple sides of an issue to make good decisions. She organizes and brings diverse groups of people together, like renters, who are typically left out of city conversations.

She makes sure they’re informed and have a voice. Katie is one of the best strategists I know. She takes what she hears from people’s everyday experiences and is able to craft solutions. Importantly, she follows through.

I saw all of this while serving on the neighborhood board together. She has strong values that I support and I know she will continue to do great work in City Hall.

Doug Schairer

Climate & Safe Transit Advocate

I met Katie through advocacy work on building more climate-friendly communities and housing.  I’ve been impressed with her leadership in advocating for people-centered improvements along Hennepin Avenue where she’s helped co-lead the group, collaboratively develop strategy and plans, and help connect the right people to the work that needs to be done. 

Her passion around transit equity, biking safety, and peoples’ experience on our streets says a lot about who she is.

Katie is a systems thinker who does the research, builds a plan, and then implements.  I want to make sure that our city council executes on our collective progressive vision around climate, public safety, housing and more. Katie will be a driving force in getting those things done.

Me and Katie M. Jones

Peggy Reinhardt

Retiree, Renter

In the summer of 2020, I had an idea to dress like a suffragist to bring attention to voting while celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. Someone suggested I call Katie Jones and days later Katie and I were waving placards and handing out voter information around the neighborhood.

I’d never met Katie before our stint as suffragists. She was eager and willing to approach strangers – asking them if they were ready to vote, and encouraging them to register. Katie respects the past and current work of community members while also looking toward the future. It takes a lot of oomph to get out and work to improve the community and Katie has it!

Jen & Justin Kader

Community Activists

We first got to know Katie through organizing in Ward 10. Immediately, it was clear to us that Katie was someone who worked collaboratively to identify problems and develop the solutions that could make a difference. Her record demonstrates she has proven experience working on infrastructure, energy, and climate action within the City of Minneapolis, and knows how to bring a sustainable, inclusive community vision to life.

With the multitude of crises facing Minneapolis communities – from the ongoing impacts of generations of racist oppression, to climate change and environmental injustices – we need a city council member for ward 10 that is ready to hit the ground running. Katie is that candidate, and we are excited to support her as our first choice in the race.

Raya Esmaeili

Minneapolis Resident, City of Minneapolis Planning Commission President, Former member of CLIC

I met Katie through our work on the Capital Long-Range Improvement Committee (CLIC). We both represented Ward 10. Her dedication to the work was clear right from the start. She was always so thoughtful and meticulous in reviewing projects, considering their impacts on the neighborhood, and bringing her knowledge and expertise to the group.

I always felt a sense of confidence and support working with her on CLIC’s executive committee. I also know her professionally through my job and have only seen incredible impacts from her. Katie is a hard-working, farsighted, and thoughtful person who brings her whole self to what she believes in. I truly believe that Katie is a great candidate to be on the City Council and will represent the residents well.

Mariah Weitzenkamp

Climate Advocate

I was lucky enough to connect with Katie at our neighborhood environmental committee when I first moved to the neighborhood years ago. I have always been inspired by Katie’s straightforward problem solving and how she tackles problems as a team. Katie identifies tasks and works to encourage others around her to leverage their strengths and get involved. Katie helped encourage me to take on a leadership role in our environmental committee, and it has made a world of difference in my experience in my neighborhood. I have seen her do the same for others, constantly helping to make connections and emphasize the value on individuals in our community.

Katlyn Flannery

Recent Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association Board Member

I first met Katie after the 2016 election at a neighborhood group (LHENA) meeting. Katie was outgoing and encouraged my involvement in the group; she was the reason why I came back to more meetings and the reason why I got further involved in community work. She has been my neighbor, my friend, and my mentor for several years now. I have experienced her welcoming & inclusive nature, and I am continuously inspired by her ability to bring people into the fold. She is genuine in her efforts to make people feel valued and empowered, and I think this makes her an excellent leader.

Community Organization Endorsements

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