Together, let’s create a community where:

● People are SAFE and the justice system restores our community
● We all have AFFORDABLE HOMES and our basic needs are met
● Kids and adults have TRANSPORTATION CHOICES for how they visit friends, run errands, or get to work
● Homeowners and renters alike breathe clean air, rely on clean energy, and live more SUSTAINABLY
● Residents and local business owners have OPPORTUNITIES TO THRIVE, no matter the color of their skin, income, ability, or religion

Katie Jones

she / her / hers

Why I’m running

I love my neighborhood because when I moved here, my neighbors welcomed me and opened doors for me. I’m running for Minneapolis City Council in Ward 10 because I’m a community builder, and I want everyone who lives here to feel that too. People deserve to feel good about where they live. Together, we’ll make Ward 10 a place where every neighbor knows they belong and finds opportunity.

As an engineer and sustainability expert, I tackle tough problems. Developing lasting solutions takes listening, finding common ground, and data-driven approaches. As a long-time community builder, I show up for my neighbors, welcoming people to a civic committee or helping get that sidewalk shoveled.

Let’s work together to create a more just, equitable, and sustainable community. Let’s create a community where everyone knows they belong. Join us.


I’m running to tackle five challenges that are central to our ward. Together, we can address these challenges to create an equitable and sustainable future for all our neighbors.  

My promise to you

I believe in the power of commitment and that your word is your bond. As a member of this community, my promise to you is to co-create solutions with my neighbors; use data and evidence to guide priorities and decisions; and foster community-led innovation by removing barriers and developing appropriate supports.

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